Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha Lipoic Acid or ALA is a fantastic skin care product. It acts as a vitamin for the skin and treats it accordingly. In short ALA helps to tone, brighten, smooth, and exfoliate while retaining the skins moisture content. For the last several months I have been using the Vitamin Shop Alpha Lipoic Acid Serum.  … Continue reading Alpha Lipoic Acid

Why Eye Cream is Important

Tonight's post is about the benefits of  Eye Cream and why it's IMPORTANT! Do you believe in the powers of Eye Cream? What are your thoughts? I have heard arguments supporting and non-supporting when it comes to this lil skin care item, and as an Esthetician I am here to say that Eye Cream is … Continue reading Why Eye Cream is Important

Aveda Skin Care Routine

Tonight's post is on the fabulous healthy skin care brand, Aveda. I was requested to put together  either an Aveda skin care routine, or makeup routine. I decided to start with skin care as it affects the skin our makeup sits upon, and I couldn't be happier to be posting it!  As you will see … Continue reading Aveda Skin Care Routine

Top 4 Best Sunscreens

Last week I posted Everything you need to know about Sunscreen! This week I am following it up with my review on the top 4 best sunscreens! Are you interested in seeing 4 types of sunscreen that I have both reviewed but also use? In the video I am showing my top 4 sunscreen go-to's.  It's all about … Continue reading Top 4 Best Sunscreens

Learning your Skin Tone Level

Learning what SPF rating is right for you can be complicated. I have put together a quick and easy way to understand 'Your Skin Tone Level.' Why is this so important? It helps to give you an idea of where your skin tone falls in  susceptibility to the sun, and UV exposure. In school I … Continue reading Learning your Skin Tone Level

Everything you need to know about Sunscreen!

The Sun is a powerful Star. It warms our planet, helps things grow, and provides vitamin D. However, this same Star can burn the crap out of our skin if we lay out in its rays unprotected!! This week I am discussing "Everything You Need to Know about Sunscreen!" Have you ever wondered what the … Continue reading Everything you need to know about Sunscreen!

Aveda Unboxing

Since I have recently purchased a lot of my essentials from Aveda I wanted to do an un-boxing video with y'all.  Sharing with you what is in my current rotation for both skin and hair health is something I love to do. Hopefully it can inspire you to try something new or learn more about … Continue reading Aveda Unboxing

Not Just Another Beauty Blog

Hey y'all! I'm so happy to be publishing my first post for Beauty in the Grinds. I am not new to blogging. This was indeed the blog. Upon much thought I decided to give it an over-haul After taking a few years off I realized that a lot of the things I wanted to … Continue reading Not Just Another Beauty Blog