Creating the Signature Retro-Pinup look is one of my specialty's.  For this service I do the hair (unless you prefer to do your own) the retro/vintage style makeup, and add lashes. Have a special occasion that this look would be perfect for, an up coming photo-shoot,  or simply want to see this look on yourself? … Continue reading Retro/Vintage


Being asked to cultivate a look for a Bride is the highest honor. I treat this responsibility with the utmost care, and make sure to accommodate the Bride's needs and desires. I am a believer that the Bride should feel her most beautiful and confident on her wedding day. My style is natural and ethereal, … Continue reading Bridal

Sharp Winged Pinup Eyeliner

Tonight I am posting my go-to technique for creating a sharp winged pinup eyeliner look. Last week I posted the Top 4 Best Eye Liners! As promised I will be using one of those eyeliners from the video/post to create this look.         Please watch the video below to see and learn more! 💋 Product … Continue reading Sharp Winged Pinup Eyeliner

Top 4 Best Eye Liners!

In today's post I am sharing the Top 4 Best Eye Liners.  It can be hard to find an eye liner to love. We often wonder which liners work the best. Below are my Holy Grail eye liners and I reach for them all the time! Some I have used for years and years. I … Continue reading Top 4 Best Eye Liners!

How to Clean Makeup Brushes

Makeup Brushes are a must have staple in our beauty arsenal. They can create a 1,000 different looks and if maintained will last for many beautiful years. Last week I shared my Pro suggestions on buying, and using Makeup Brushes.  Makeup Brushes (pro suggestions) what to buy and how to use. I wanted to follow-up … Continue reading How to Clean Makeup Brushes

How to make Dark Lipstick last

Last week I launched my  Revlon Giveaway! and shared certain lipstick colors that will be HOT for spring and summer 2018. This week I wanted to share an amazing tip on how to make that dark lipstick last! It's super easy and changes everything about wearing dark lipstick. Fear the red no more! I created a … Continue reading How to make Dark Lipstick last

Lipsticks for Spring & Summer 2018 | Revlon Giveaway!

It's an exciting Monday! Today I am sharing 4 lipsticks shades that I believe are HOT for spring & summer this year. Bonus. I will be giving all 4 lipstick colors away in my Revlon Giveaway! Below you will find my video show casing all 4 lip shades and giveaway guidelines. There will be 3 … Continue reading Lipsticks for Spring & Summer 2018 | Revlon Giveaway!

My Everyday Makeup Tutorial

In a previous post Starting a Beauty Routine I had a request to put together my everyday skin care and makeup routines. I am happy to oblige and I hope that by sharing some of my tips and techniques that it will help inspire a beauty regimen that you love. Below you will find a video, albeit … Continue reading My Everyday Makeup Tutorial

Holiday Giveaway!

  In the spirit of giving #givingtuesday I decided to do a Holiday Giveaway. I'm very excited to be doing this contest for the main purpose of sharing Light with all of you this Holiday Season. 😍 So let's get into it! What is the Giveaway? I am giving away a FULL SIZE Aveda Bronzer! There are … Continue reading Holiday Giveaway!

Victoria’s Secret Holiday Angel Lip Kit Review

It's that time of year. Christmas trimmings, holiday fun, and the VICTORIA'S SECRET FASHION SHOW!!! This year Victoria's Secret released 4 Holiday Angel Lip Kits. I was so excited to see these come through my email and I knew I had to have one. For years I was a huge fan of Victoria's Secret makeup. … Continue reading Victoria’s Secret Holiday Angel Lip Kit Review