20 Questions Game!

Hey y'all! Tonight I decided to do a fun twist on the 20 questions game. I wanted to put together a quick/fun video that got everyone involved, and was a way for you to get to know me a bit more. After you watch the video I invite you to ask your own question. Just … Continue reading 20 Questions Game!

How to create Sexy Voluminous Hair

Today I am posting my everyday hair tutorial. Below you will find a video teaching you how to create Sexy Voluminous Hair. I have spent the last two years tweaking my hair style and I am super excited to finally be sharing it with y'all today. Thank you to all who requested it! Don't forget … Continue reading How to create Sexy Voluminous Hair

Starting a Beauty Routine

I recently uploaded a self-help video sharing my tips on starting a beauty routine. It is so important to give ourselves the gift of 'self-love.' Unfortunately so many things in this life drain our energy and without committing time to ourselves we can become depleted quite quickly. I have spent the last two years streamlining … Continue reading Starting a Beauty Routine