Hey y’all!

Planning a night out? Wanting to learn something new? Just want to read up on a beauty product? Well, welcome! ❤

As a working makeup artist I have had the privilege of working for several large makeup brands. The one thing I love most about my job is being able to help people feel their best and meet their needs.

What you can expect from my beauty page:

  • Honest product reviews
  • Expert makeup advice
  • Everyday how-to’s
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Beauty that inspires me and basic info
Am I sponsored? 

No. In the event that I become sponsored I will note the brand and/ or links I am sponsored through.

Do companies send me products to review?

Not currently. Although I have received products in the past for video review, I have not received product to review for Beauty in the Grinds. In the event that a company contacts me, and asks me to do a review on their product it will be noted on my post.

I rate my reviews using a 1-5 score. I don’t do stars or hearts here at Beauty in the Grinds this girl goes for the coffee icon☕!!!

I hope you will love this Beauty Category!

If you have a request or inquiry please feel free to email me!

Be the Light,