Holiday Decorating on a Budget

Hey y’all,

I meant to get this blog post up a week ago but life is LIFE if you know what I mean?! And it’s the Holidays which always means C R A Z Y. Extra shots of espresso anyone? ☕

This year I decided to put some finishing touches on my Christmas decorating mainly concentrating on my living room area. For me, having those special ‘Holiday’ pillows was what I wanted. However, I knew that after the season was over I would throw them in a closet until next year. Pillows are expensive. Especially the ones with Christmas decorum all over it.  I am not sure what took so long but a light bulb went off in my head.

First off, I am a pillow whore.😃 Meaning I have a plethora of pillows for my bed, sofa, love seat, chair, etc. Second, I get bored easily. Which mean more pillows end up in storage than I care to admit. This year has been a year of streamlining and re-purposing which meant I wanted to be able to do something with what I had and make it better. So the light bulb moment happened while I was searching the pages of one of my favorite stores. Pottery Barn.

I fell in LOVE with the pillows show cased in my video. (Watch below) However, they are Pillow Covers. Meaning you need to purchase inserts for them. Knowing I had several pillows hanging around that would fit I saw an opportunity to save. Not to mention that I was buying them on Black Friday. FYI, the sales were amazing. There are so many positives to owning pillow covers. I cover all this and more in the video I created sharing my tips. I hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to email me or leave a comment with any questions or tips you may have for decorating. It is the season for sharing after all!

Praying all of you who read this have a blessed and happy Christmas.

Be the Light,



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