Creating the Perfect Eyebrow


Our eyebrows do many things. They help us express ourselves, frame our eyes, and give our face structure. Without them we can look lost, confused, angry, sad, surprised, and old. Learning ‘your’ best brow shape and its placement is so important!

Brow Mapping

All of us at one time have had a bad brow experience. Whether this be from over tweezing, over/under waxing, or simply allowing them to have free roam. As a previous Brow Arch Expert I have had experience in creating, and perfecting brows. Today I am going to show you the basic’s on ‘brow mapping.’

Brow mapping helps you find ‘your’ best brow shape. Once your brow is mapped out it  can show what hair should be left to grow, or what hair needs to be removed. The method of hair removal is your choice. There are multiple options available such as tweezing, waxing, or threading. However, I want to stress that when you are making a decision to shape or re-shape your brows a professional should be consulted. The last thing you want to attempt is a DIY, and have it fail miserably. There is a difference between cleaning up a shape that already exists or starting something new. If you are starting something new seek a professional.

**I cannot take credit for brow mapping. It is a practice used to measure brow placement according to your personal face shape. No two brows are alike. I have been trained in the art of brow mapping but am not the inventor. 

Products  brows blue

You have many options when choosing how to define and shape your brows. Remember the medium you choose should be something that is easy, and keeps your brows looking great but natural.

  1. Brow Pencils. Simple, quick, and easy. It is used to define and fill in brows. I feel it is better suited for those who already have abundant brow hair. On thin brows it has a tendency to look ‘drawn’ on.
  2. Brow Powder. It is my medium of choice, and the one I recommend to all my clients. Why? It’s versatile. You can fill in, define, shape, and correct all while keeping it natural. Powder can be used on thick to extremely thin or no brows at all. It holds well to the skin (and brow hair) but doesn’t get runny/streaky in the heat.
  3. Tinted Brow Gels. Great for those that need to be on the go. Very easy to use. Simply brush it through your brow hair and it will help to define and fill in. Again, I find this works best for those who have nice thick brows to begin with.
  4. Brow Gels or Brow Wax. These help to hold those unruly brow hairs in place.
  5. Brow Highlighters. They are so important in emphasizing the brow arch! Highlighters always make the brow more noticeable, and gives the entire face a ‘lift’.

View the tutorial below for more on brows, brow mapping, and brow fill in.

Be the Light,


***please note I created this post several years ago and recently re-proofed it. The video is still current but you may notice a few differences between the 2013 Angela and the 2017 Angela. ♥ 

2 thoughts on “Creating the Perfect Eyebrow

  1. thepcosmomlife says:

    Love it! I am always terrified of my brows because being a red head I am afraid I look like they are massive when I put stuff on them to highlight them as a feature. I will play around with them in the future to try again. Its a once every few years adventure for me lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Angela Foringer says:

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the Post. When I became a Brow Arch Expert my brow game changed. A great recommendation is Taupe colored brow products they look the best on those with strawberry blonde to light auburn hair. You could choose a rich ginger if your hair is med-dark auburn. I have also found (when I get that gorgeous copper color put in my hair) that mixing two mediums (such as a pencil and brow powder) or mixing two powders together do wonders. :0)


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